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Why Bits & Bytes Computers?

  1. Commitment : Bits & Bytes Computers delivers what they commit.
  2. Proven Track Records : Bits & Bytes Computers has been into education, training & placement delivery for 24 years and has educated, trained & skilled seventy thousand (70,000) plus trainees.
  3. Promoters : The promoters are technically qualified and are involved in day to day business. Have been into business of skill development, assessments & placement for last 24 years. Very highly committed to all the stakeholders.
  4. Scalability : Bits & Bytes Computers is currently working in 4 states and intends to take up their services to almost 10 states in India. Experience of working at village, block, district and at metro location. Extensive experience of working on PPP model for enhanced scalability.
  5. Corporate and international Exposure : Bits & bytes Computers has worked with Pricewaterhouse Coopers Pvt. Limited (PwC) as a Joint Business Relationship (JBR) Partner on a project for one year. Currently associated with IGS vertical of KPMG India as a Partner.